Time to re-discover myself, first stop, wardrobe. 

Time to re-discover myself, first stop, wardrobe. 

In the last 2 years I have noticed a shift in my being. I have changed, sometimes I have felt that I did not recognise myself. I did not know the short termpered, tired and often boring girl staring back at me with roots several inches deep and darker circles than the black hole. Having had 2 babies in 11 months to say I noticed a change in my lifestyle is an understatement. I am still very much in the thick of this new life with two under two, but in a recent post I described how we are shifting from the new baby phase as my youngest is about to turn one. As such I have started to feel as though I have got some of the old me back. That and for the first time since my first pregnancy I have fit into my skinniest of skinny jeans, admittedly they could fit a little better than they do, but I’m in them, I can bend over and eat so I’m taking that as a win.

Following such a monumental occasion, which included me parading my old but fitting jeans in front of Mr TM as he watched the football, I finally feel comfortable enough to update my much in need ,depressing wardrobe. I have after all lived in leggings, jeggins and loose fitting tops for two years. I feel comfortable enough to want to spend money on clothes I (hopefully) won’t regret buying and confident enough to wear tailored fitted clothing, I think. So with my renewed confidence I have decided that in the first step to re-discovering myself, perhaps a new improved mum version of myself? Is to start by rediscovering a sense of style, here are some of the things that have caught my eye:

I love the smart-cashe look, and pinks and blues tend to suit my colouring. These pastels would really bring out the tan our two week Menorcan break brought and make for colourful but not OTT outfit that can be dressed up or down, fitting for many an occasion. The top can be found in the Laura Ashley sale and the trousers and cocktail dress below via the Reiss sale.

For the more statement piece I love this delicate white simple cocktail dress, perfect for a summers event, again coupled with heels you can dress it up or wear some flat sparkly sandles to dress it down for a lovely summer BBQ. On the right I have gone for this bold blue jumpsuit. The outfit is really set off by a bright pair of heels and matching clutch. When I am not quite feeling brave enough to bear my pins you can’t beat a good fitting jumpsuit. The one above is currently in the Karen Millen sale.

Now I do love a stripe, and I love this cool summers dress from Joules, it would be perfect with the tan Ralph Lauren sandles below. I think this is a fab summer outfit, lightweight, comfortable and stylish.

I told you I like a stripe, especially a blue and white one. For those cooler evening where we are not quite prepared to give up and head indoors this Joules jumper is ideal. It would look fab with some ankle length skinny jeans and daps. Yes that’s right daps, not the old gym shoes but the fashionable version that have hit the stores of late. Both stripy items can be found in the Joules sale.

The aforementioned sandle, found at the Ralph Lauren sale. I could quite easily go from ugg boot to flip flop with no inbetween shoe. I have come to realise of late that actually I don’t do shoes day to day. Bear with. I LOVE shoes like most girly girls, I love wearing heels, drooling over them, I love the asethetics of shoes and pairing them with outfits but when it comes to my daily, baby groups, treks to the shops or the park I am generally safe in the comfort of an of ugg boot or the freedom of flip flop. So in search of a stylish replacement to my trusty Havanas I have found this gorgeous pair, I think they could really make an outfit and am dying to get my newly polished feet into them.

What do you think? Have you recently re-discovered your love of clothes or did it never leave? Can you relate to loosing yourself amongst, comfy, stretchy, faded fabric? I’d love to hear from you.


  1. September 6, 2016 / 5:14 pm

    <3 this… So true. I definitely lost myself after I had my little man ~ fashion wise… It is natural as it takes a while for us to readjust to our new shapes/emotions/tastes! As I've posted before my taste definitely shifted slightly after being pregnant… Those pesky hormones 😉 getting back into the swing of it now though 2 years later <3

    • tammymum
      September 7, 2016 / 8:44 pm

      Yes it definitely does take a while to re-adjust. I think my taste has shifted a bit too but I guess thats only natural eh. Thanks so much for your comment xx